The Grail

The hidden truth behind the greatest mystery of all time

We’ve all heard the theories; blood of Christ, a sacred chalice, a royal bloodline…claims that have cast a shadow of doubt over the true origins of the Holy Grail. 

Now, when we need it most, the truth about the Holy Grail, considered the greatest mystery of all time is revealed as we prepare to enter the Aquarian Age, symbolised by the cup bearer. 

So What Was The Holy Grail?

The Holy Grail

Was an annual rite of passage for men that was part of an ancient mystic tradition considered so powerful, it was outlawed by the Roman Empire. 

Without the Grail, the Fisher King warns our men will suffer a wound they cannot heal and the land will become a wasteland

Without initiation into the ancient wisdom of the mystic feminine.

Which begs the question,
will you seek the Grail?

Begin The Quest

Watch this FREE video series to discover why the Holy Grail is the key to 


Awakening the Sacred Masculine

Begin The Quest

Watch this FREE video series to discover why the Holy Grail is the key to 

Awakening the Sacred Masculine


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Read the latest book by best selling author, Tanishka and discover how The Grail is a tool for social change, a step-by-step guide to empower the male psyche and a template for embodying the sacred love of the Holy Couple with revelations that expose the corrupt foundations of Western religion!


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Watch Tanishka’s live presentations that received standing ovations and rave reviews from audiences around the world decoding the hidden truth about the Grail which reveals how the power of love will overcome the love of power.


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Calling all noble men! Don’t miss this opportunity to secure one of the limited places to be part of living history joining Tanishka LIVE in Glastonbury, UK this Winter Solstice to participate in the return of the Holy Grail…to reclaim your sovereign power!

“I attended a men’s circle with Tanishka near the hill of Tara, Ireland in December ‘23. I felt very safe and held in the container due to Tanishkas knowledge, presence and openness. She is a very clear channel and a lot of what she shared resonated deeply with me.
It was my first mens circle held by a woman and having now read her book “The Grail” I understand why it felt so familiar. I am looking forward to her return to Ireland and getting to sit in circle again.”

– Gary Patterson –

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