Grail Kingship Rite

The Return of the Holy Grail

Grail Kingship Rite

The Return of the Holy Grail

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The Grail was the original stag night, a rite of passage to awaken the Green Man, the custodian of Mother Earth.

The Holy Grail was considered essential for a man’s psyche to mature and was central to the mystic tradition of the Grail prior to the Roman Empire who outlawed it and distorted the rites to create Christianity.

It was undertaken by men over the Winter Solstice – the annual dark night of the soul when men are most at risk of illness, injury and even death.

This rite supports men to face the dragon (the shadow feminine within) & transcend their darkest fears to return reborn as sovereign.

The Grail Retreat for Men

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What Does The Grail Kingship Rite Include?

Empowering Ancient Wisdom Teachings

To assist the hero within to rise as the resurrected sacred masculine
To seed intentions and generate personal power by harnessing the 5 creative elements
To navigate your way out of the dark labyrinth of the rational mind
To become a man for all seasons, whole as a foundation for Sacred Union
To face the dragon so you can transcend self-sabotage via the power ally of the mystic feminine
To discover the role of the Grail Knights, Dragon Kings & Merlins & the secret of the Holy Grail

Transformative Experiential Processes

Sacred ceremony


Trance dance

Breath work

Art Therapy

Brotherhood circles

Guided meditation


Self-enquiry questions

Group processes

About this Rite of Passage

A rite of passage is a sacred initiation which assists us to transition psychologically & emotionally from one identity and life stage to the next. It does this by providing insight so we can release perspectives that no longer serve us & expand into a greater version of ourselves.

We then emerge stronger, clearer and equipped for our next life chapter. Unlike puberty rites where boys are initiated into manhood by older men, the second rite in a man’s life, the Grail was conducted by a woman…known as the Magdalene, the Lady of the Lake or the High Priestess.

Through the goddess, the hero attains mastery over life itself.’

Joseph Campbell

The Role of the Sacred Feminine


In the ancient world, there was a king who presided over the land & earthly matters & a high priestess who was the spiritual leader of the people. Together they ensured stability & growth on all levels.

When the wisdom of the sacred feminine was dismissed we lost this sacred balance. Previously kings were not considered fit to rule if they did not seek the guidance & initiation of the sacred feminine.

Interview with Rex Brangwyn, Band of Brothers men’s facilitator

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“I have thoroughly enjoyed the live circles.
Tanishka holds the space very well and is a kind and intuitive guide.
Having a place to share deeply with others on the path is invaluable.”


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The 5 Gifts Men Receive Through Seeking the Grail

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The role of the sacred feminine in the Grail rite is to hold up the mirror of your soul so you can reflect upon your choices.

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The Lady of the Lake offers Grail knights the cup of self-compassion. This gift awakens the feminine within, so your heart is open to give & receive love.

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Through understanding & honoring your inner feminine mystical gifts you will receive the sword of truth which cuts through the illusory stories of the mind so you can navigate your way out of the dark labyrinth within & fulfill your highest destiny.

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Represented by the stag’s horns, the Grail activates the World Tree within your psyche that enables you to journey between the three worlds without substances.

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It is the sacred feminine wisdom teachings of the cycles that demystify your role in the circle of life so you mature & become a man for all seasons & manifest your goals through planting your intentions in the cosmic womb.

How the Grail Prepares Men for Union & Fulfilling Their Highest Destiny

In the ancient world, noble men weren’t considered fit for the rite of Sacred Union unless they had ‘faced the dragon’. The dragon is the dark feminine within themselves, embodied externally by the High Priestess, known colloquially as the ‘Dragon Woman’. Her role is to confront those willing to seek the Grail with their unconscious fears so they can reclaim their power & not unconsciously sabotage their relationships.

The Grail is the sacred chalice of womb wisdom. Grail knights were the noble seekers of truth who sought the teachings of the sacred feminine so they could be in right relationship with the feminine in themselves, women & the Earth Mother.

Without the Grail men struggle to be balanced and this undermines their relationship with themselves, others and the Earth. Today many men are either feminine-dominant resulting in passivity and indecision or fear their feminine traits as a sign of weakness. Neither is balanced.

Without This Rite of Passage Men Experience:

Self doubt

Fear of commitment

Self-destructive behaviors & addictions

Dis-empowerment in relationships

Depression, illness, injury & suicide during Autumn / Winter

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The Grail Offers Men Of All Ages:

A foundation of true inner power

Deep self-acceptance through greater understanding

The support of authentic brotherhood

Tools to empower every facet of their life

Insight into the feminine internally & externally

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Why It’s Time For the Grail To Return

A man who is not in right relationship with his own feminine cannot be in right relationship with women or the Earth Mother

A man will destroy all he seeks to create unless he is willing to face his dark side & integrate his disowned aspects

Without this initiation, men struggle to feel whole. So they polarize by seeking to dominate the feminine or by allowing the feminine to dominate them. Neither is a foundation for sustainable relationships….or they avoid relationship completely

Without a purpose a man is lost & when a man feels his life is meaningless he is at risk of suicide. Male suicide is at an all time high.

“Tanishka has helped me to step consciously into the stream, more often a torrential cascade, of my life.
She is a wise woman, initiate guide, a priestess, and down to earth friend.
She has opened the portal for myself and all men, teaching the ancient, divinely inspired skill sets to face the challenges that come with being an awake, authentic, and alive man on this planet today.
I remain eternally grateful“


Daily Retreat Schedule

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Day 1 – Sunday

6.00pm Opening Circle

7.30 – 9.00pm Welcome Dinner

Days 2 – 5 Monday – Thursday

7.00 – 8.00am Yoga

8.00 – 9.30am Breakfast & Showers

9.30 – 12.30pm Retreat Program

12.30 – 1.30pm Lunch

1.30 – 5.30pm Retreat Program

5.30 – 7.00pm Dinner

7.00 – onwards Social time / Free time to rest, reflect & integrate & use the on site hot tub and sauna. 

Day 6 – Friday

7.00 – 8.00am Yoga

8.00 – 9.30am Breakfast & showers

9.30 – 1.30pm Retreat Program (includes closing circle)

1.30 – 2.30pm Farewell Meal 

About Your Facilatators

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Tanishka is best known as Facebook’s, ‘Moon Woman’ with half a million followers of her daily guidance. An author of six books, she has taught ancient feminine wisdom traditions & practices for 26 years. In 2004 she started working with men, creating male archetypal chart readings to assist men to integrate all 7 masculine aspects within their psyche.

In 2008 she received the message it was time to awaken the Grail codes. This was followed by intuitive downloads that included a Sacred Union series of books & Grail practices for men & women.

In 2011 she started receiving visions to decode the greatest mystery of all time, ‘The Holy Grail’ from the perspective of the sacred feminine. In 2013 she began touring with these teachings drawing on her background as a stand-up comedienne to entertain while captivating audiences with her ability to channel truth as an oracle.

In addition to being a popular keynote speaker at conferences, summits and festivals online & live around the world, she writes feature articles for leading women’s and alternative health magazines & conducts online courses, speaking tours & retreats. Her fifth book, ‘Goddess Wisdom’ published by Hay House in conjunction with an online course was released June 2017 and was translated into Chinese, French and Slovenian.

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Frank van ‘t Hooft

Frank had just started traveling (2016), when a chance encounter with a baba in Rishikesh (India) got him initiated into yoga (breathwork, movement and philosophy), and forever changed his life. They spent a month together, and beyond feeling better than ever before, Frank got into two profound introspective experiences. This ignited the flame to dedicate his travels to learning yoga, meditation, and understanding both.

Two years in, Frank came back to India for a yoga teacher training, remembered how it all started, and acknowledged that breathing is the foundation of all spiritual experiences. When one of his co-students showed him Wim Hof breathwork, he was completely blown away by the speed and consistency in which he could access deep trance states. After teaching his first yoga class, he realised he had found his calling, developed a breathing workshop, and continued his journey teaching yoga and breathing in New Zealand, Australia, India, The Netherlands and Morocco.

In May 2022 Frank decided to go all-in on Transformational Breathwork to deal with (childhood) trauma, and to take his teaching to the next level. Since, Frank has been initiating hundreds of people into Breathwork, showing them the fast-track to a life-changing introspective experience. Based in Taghazout, Morocco, Frank is giving live Breathwork classes (both online and offline), teaching yoga, and developing Breathwork tracks.

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Praise for Tanishka

Tanishka is an awesome facilitator who ties together many threads from different paradigms. her work with men, women; couples helps reveal the deeper archetypes playing out in people’s stories, giving greater understanding into how we tick & how we can heal & become whole.

Michael Schoell Cinematographer & Men’s Group Co-Facilitator

Tanishka is a natural & inspiring leader. I have participated in many of Tanishka’s events & have observed her display an incredibly high level of awareness regarding the group’s dynamic. She is driven to make a difference in the world around her which she does through empowering others, creating community & inspiring new leaders. I wholeheartedly endorse Tanishka in everything she does!

Kane Alexander Photographer & Artist

I found Tanishka’s masculine archetype reading incredibly informative & so valuable in helping me to feel stronger as a man & act accordingly in my life. Tanishka your work is so powerful & very much needed.

Jangala G.Birrenjur

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